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caïlo x macy's

let’s make the people of new york stop and stare and bring it to the world.

why macy´s

„The history of progress shows that when people feel confident to own their story and pursue their dreams, they change the narrative for all.“ – Macy’s Mission Every One

the macy’s thanksgiving day parade combines traditions, a sense of unity and spreads joy to everyone involved. we love this approach as it is our goal to create experiences that bring people together, that are fun and trigger emotions. macy’s created something unique, something that is known throughout the whole world and something that people want to be a part of. this is exacly what we are going for with caïlo and the US unity proven by this amazing parade is something that inspires us. we hold the US and especially nyc dear to our heart and want to spread the joy and thankfulness you give even further – we want to spread it out to the world.


1939 the first thanksgiving parade brought to television. now we bring it to 2024 and create a multi-angle visual experience of the parade underlined by our music.

imagine ..

impressive, huge, memorable and fun for everyone. that’s the macy’s parade and that’s what we want to express with our projects.


Brand Partnership

.. with one of the participating brands, we create a moving experience that incorporates all the traditional american values and combines them with the modern values of the brand displayed and transported through music.

Experience Truck

.. an experience that represents an idea, a vision, somethings that moves people. we represent our values of fun and bringing people together through our visuals and our music performance and share it with everyone watching.

Pre- / Afterparty

.. the parade is about to take off. people are waiting. new york, new york is playing, everyone is in a good mood and excited for the parade. right after the theme our DJ picks up and plays for the people of new york, guiding the first push of trucks through the city.

the vibe ..

.. we are going for: american music at its best. as iconic as the macy’s parade itself. one example given here:
the dj seen on screen „Moonlght“ has perfected it to transform classics into modern house tracks.

our values

fun, thinking big, bringing people together, high-quality


caïlo creates unforgettable experiences and worlds that bring our imagination into reality. We trigger emotions and spread fun to everyone involved.


caïlo connects outstanding musicians, breathtaking locations and engaging themes and creates live events, festivals and content on a global scale. We work with amazing partners to tell stories and realize our imagination while taking our audience along with us.

founder of caïlo


imagine that one scene of your favorite movie, that song that brings you right back to that one special moment, that one smell that lets you feel right home.

the goosebumps, the emotions.
that’s what inspires me and is the root for my passion.

and that’s the reason for caïlo. I want to bring the most talented people from all over the world together to create something real. because no matter where you are from, what language you speak or what religion you believe in, we all know that one special feeling.

so, are you in?

©caïlo 2024